Introduction Edit

The Quests section is where you can find the Main Story, ongoing events, weekly quests and Score Challenge. This area can be accessed by tapping the [クエスト] icon at the bottom of your screen.

Main Story Edit

UI Quests Main Story

The game currently has two parts to the Main Story, which are shown on this screen. It is recommended that new players spend their time here in Part 1 first to rank up and accumulate better princes for their teams. View the World Map for more details. Some of the chapters of the Main Story have also been translated. If you see the red banner on the Main Story, as pictured here, it means the Main Story is currently costing half stamina. Check the Upcoming Campaigns to see when the next half stamina campaign will be.

Events Edit

UI Quests Events

Events run for a specifically designated amount of time. For a list of events, see Current Events or Past Events

Daily Quests Edit

UI Quests Dailies

These quests are always available, though the type and duration during the day may change. Be sure to check the News to see what is open.

Forest of Violent Yumekui Edit

Banner Violent Yumekui
Banner Violent Yumekui Return

The Forest of Violent Yumekui is a score challenge quest featuring very dangerous yumekui. You can challenge this quest as many times as you want until you've cleared it. It is non-continuable, so you can't use Fairy Stones to continue playing if you fail. Once it's cleared, it will disappear.

However, you can visit past Violent Yumekui quests by using a Violent Yumekui Key and opening the Return of the Violent Yumekui . Tap the second banner on the right if you have a key to open the quest for 60 minutes.

Depending on your score, you will be able to receive 3 rewards.

See information in the News section to view the hints, rewards, and run time for the current quest. 

==A Day of a Prince ==
Moongarden prince day

A Day of a Prince, or Aruhi, is a 3-stage quest that gives you a Fairy Stone as a reward after completion. The story-line present in this quest lends some insight to the featured prince's daily affairs. Check the News page to see what stories are available.

Situational Story Edit

Banner Situational Story

Situational Story is a story quest that gives you a Fairy Stone as a reward after completion. Each month centers a theme, where you spend time with a prince in that scenario. New stories appear every Tuesday. Check the News page to see what stories are available. 

Today's Birthday Edit

Banner Today's Birthday

On a prince's birthday, a special quest will open starting at 0:00 and last for three days. In this quest, you can only use the birthday prince as support. Upon clearing, you will receive a special thank-you message from the prince, as well as Birthday Shards. These shards are used in the same way and place as Ring Shards. You can use them to exchange for Prince Gacha Tickets or Memory Piece Gacha Tickets. Check the Notices to see which princes have birthdays and when in a given month.

Fairy Quests Edit

Day Reward
Monday All quests
Tuesday Sun/Moon Fairy
Wednesday Grimoire Fairy
Thursday Fairy Princess, Fairy Queen
Friday Princess Lesson (Player EXP)
Saturday/Sunday Gold Dogs
Moongarden fairy weekly

Daily quest keys can be used to open quests outside of their designated time.

Meeting With the Princes - Daily Drop Quest Edit

Moongarden prince drop

Princes are obtained as boss drops in their respective quests.

  • Quests are open all day
  • Each Prince quest has three levels of difficulty
  • Higher difficulty quests will have a higher drop rate.
  • The boss drop rate increases with each time the quest is cleared, and resets to the original rate whenever the boss drop is obtained.
  • Princes who require event fairies for their awakenings will appear with fairy quests
Day Princes
Monday 59 t62 t178 t82 t120 t275 t
Tuesday 71 t64 t58 t72 t74 t88 t
Wednesday 87 t124 t95 t96 t103 t107 t
Thursday 122 t141 t108 t77 t128 t147 t
Friday 200 t344 t143 t149 t162 t169 t
Saturday 102 t190 t163 t176 t201 t274 t
Sunday 164 t228 t324 t168 t83 t513 t


  • The daily drop quest was added in the Moon Garden as of 14 April 2018
  • Princes included are those that have been in the game for at least 6 months from the date of their first appearance.

Prince Lessons Edit

Banner Prince Lessons
Day Trainer Color
Monday Red
Tuesday Blue
Wednesday Green
Thursday Yellow
Friday Purple
Saturday Red, Blue, Green
Sunday Yellow, Purple

Prince Lesson quests will grant large amounts of exp to your team. Princes with the same attribute as the quest colour (schedule shown on the left) will gain additional exp. Exp rewarded:

Level Same attribute Different attribute
Beginner 12,750 8,500
Intermediate 30,000 20,000
Advanced 60,000 40,000
  • You may also use keys to open the training quests outside of the designated day

 Training Quest Edit

Note: As of 23 August 2017, Training Quests have been removed f and will only appear during campaigns.

Moongarden training dog
Day Trainer Color
Monday Blue, Red
Tuesday Green, Yellow
Wednesday Purple
Thursday Blue, Red
Friday Green
Saturday Yellow, Purple
Sunday All colours (random)

Quest Periods:

  • 12:00-13:00 JST
  • 18:00-19:00 JST
  • 22:00-23:00 JST

You may also use keys to open the training quests outside of the designated hours. Five keys are given with at the time of implementation; you may exchange additional keys using gems at the rate of one gem per key. Key exchange is subject to a limit of one per day.

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