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Introduction Edit

Pm prince ui

The Prince Management panel can be accessed via the Prince (王子 ) tab on the Menu Tab. Tap on this to enter the Prince Management Panel.

In the Prince Management Panel, you will be able to carry out the following activities:


トレーニング [Training] : Level up your princes' level and skill here. Click here to learn more about Training.

全メンバーズ [All Members] : This is your inventory of Princes, Trainers and Fairies, where you can check on or delete the members you own. Click here to learn more about Organization.

編成 [Team/Battle Formation] : Enter this panel to arrange and organize your Princes for battle. Click here to learn more about Formation.

覚醒 [Awakening] : Check and select a Sun or Moon route for your Prince upon reaching the basic maximum level. Click here to learn more about Awakening.

お別れ [Farewell] : Delete members in your inventory. This act is not reversible, so do be careful. Click here to learn more about Farewell.

王子名鑑 [Prince Directory] : Tap on "王子名鑑" to access a list of princes, each containing their own galleries, story list, and voice libraries. Click here for more details.

新着ストーリー一覧 [Unread Story Index] : Contains a list of new prince stories, correlation stories, side stories, and memory stories .

推し王子 [Favourite Prince] : Allows you to set princes on your top screen and your profile icon. Click here to learn more about Favourite Prince.

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