Managing Friends Edit


The number of friends you can have increases as your Rank increases. You can have a maximum of 70 friends in the game. The main page gives you three tabs to view current friends, pending requests, and the search function.

On the first two tabs, you can tap the button in the middle to toggle either showing which prince the player has as support, or which prince is selected as their profile icon. In your current friends, you can tap the button on the right to adjust how your friends are sorted, such as by their last play, their rank, their support prince level, etc. In addition, tapping the [i] icon will take you to the player's Favourite Prince selection and display their player icon at the bottom. You can also toggle between viewing their Support Prince and their profile prince when in this menu by tapping the button on the left above their banner (see image under the "Removing Friends" section below for screenshot).

To add friends to the game, you can either request friendship from random players after you use them as a support in a dungeon, or use the ID search to add friends who you know the ID number of.

Looking Up Friends Edit

Friend search panel

To find friends whom you have the ID number for, input the ID number into the empty box and tap the [検索] button. This screen will also display your ID number which you can give to other players so they can find you.

Removing Friends

Friend removal panel

To remove friends, tap on the Friends [フレンド] tab to access your current list of friends

Tap on the [i] button to display your Friend's information panel and they're favorite princes.

Tap on the [フレンド解除] button. A screen will pop up to confirm your action.

Choose the Red button [はい] to remove the friend.

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