Current EventsEdit

Date Name Type Event Princes Gacha Princes
2020/09/15 to 2020/09/24 Deceptive Utopia of Wondrous Splendor Coin Drole (Utopia)
Dormouse (Utopia)
Nero (Utopia)
Mad Hatter (Utopia)
Capita (Utopia)
2020/09/08 to 2020/09/17 Venetian Carnival and Sparkling Night Luna Jewels See Below See Notices/Gacha

Deceptive Utopia of Wondrous Splendor Edit

  • Event Period: September 15 15:00 – September 24 12:59 JST
    • Event Coin Gacha: September 15 15:00 - September 27 12:59
  • Complete event quests to collect event coins which you can roll in the event coin gacha. There is a list of rewards you can obtain after a certain number of rolls. You must read through the event story before all quest levels are open to you. You will be able to earn Memory Jewels which can be exchanged for the Chance Meeting of Bygone Days Memory Piece featuring Nox and Ruber, or for Dream Oath Jewels which can then be exchanged for the anniversary art Memory Pieces.
  • Drole (Utopia) and Dormouse (Utopia) are obtained in the event coin gacha. After completing all guaranteed rolls an option for the Guaranteed Prince Coin Gacha will appear. The Guaranteed Prince Coin Gacha will require 4000 coins for a bulk 10-roll, where one is a guaranteed event prince alternating each time between the 4-star and 5-star prince.
  • The previously released 4-star Memory Piece Chance Meeting of Bygone Days featuring Nox and Ruber will provide a bonus.
    • 0/4 - 3%
    • 1/4 - 5%
    • 2/4 - 7%
      • If you choose a 30% bonus prince with this Memory Piece set from support, the prince will still only provide you with the base 30% Up. However if you select the 10% bonus prince with the Memory Piece set as support, they will provide you with a total boost of 17% if maxed.
      • There is no limit if you equip the Memory Piece to your own prince in your own team.
      • Newly released 5-star Memory Pieces offer bonuses as well.
  • Quests awarding a fixed number of coins can be played once each daily.
  • For two hours twice a day you can set times to receive guaranteed coin drops.
  • Having the gacha, event, or past ordinary/event versions of princes on your team will earn you more medals.
Prince Coin Bonus

Nero (Utopia)
Mad Hatter (Utopia)


Capita (Utopia)

Drole (Utopia)

Nero (Longing)
Nero (Holy Night)
Nero (Bunny)
Nero (Prison Monster)
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter (Starlit)
Mad Hatter (Xmas)
Mad Hatter (Sparkling Night)
Mad Hatter (Trick or Tea)
Mad Hatter (Rouge)
Mad Hatter (Bright Oath)
Capita (Round and Round)
Drole (Bunny)
Drole (Xmas Circus)
Drole (Longing)
Drole (Birthday Story)

Dormouse (Utopia)

Capita (Trial)
Capita (Starlit)
Capita (Xmas)
Dormouse (Dakimakura)


Venetian Carnival and Sparkling Night Jewel Drop Edit

  • September 8 15:00 – September 17 12:59 JST
    • Exchange: September 8 15:00 – September 20 12:59 JST
  • Complete quests to collect jewels for the exchange. Princes cannot be obtained as boss drops, only through exchange.
  • Luna jewels can be used to exchange for princes, tickets, love-up shards, fairies, stamina fruits, and other items. Princes from Sparkling Night require special awakening fairies.
  • The roster for this event includes those from “Venetian Carnival” and “Sparkling Night”. The event stories are also available to read in the quest selection area.
  • There is a chance that a major boss will appear and drop 800 green or purple gems in the last stage of the dungeon. Higher level difficulty quests have a higher chance of the major boss appearing.
  • Special quests which reward 200 Yellow Diamonds reset every day at 15:00 JST
  • Having the gacha or event versions of princes on your team will earn you more jewels. Gacha princes will also have increased stats.
    • NOTE: Usually a special re-run gacha occurs at the same time as the Jewel Drops to let you get the gacha princes. However, there will not be one this time due to the Memorial Custom Gacha. If you want to obtain the gacha princes from either of these events, the only way is to have them in your Memorial Custom Gacha roster.
Prince Jewel Bonus

Frost (Venetian Carnival)
Gary (Venetian Carnival)
Douglas (Sparkling Night)
Kanoe (Sparkling Night)


Guido (Venetian Carnival)
Rosso (Sparkling Night)

Oswald (Venetian Carnival)

Mad Hatter (Sparkling Night)

Cohen (Venetian Carnival)

Martin (Sparkling Night)


Jewel Exchange Edit

Item Jewel Yellow Jewel Green Jewel Purple Purchase
Oswald (Venetian Carnival) 800 10
Cohen (Venetian Carnival) 800 10
Mad Hatter (Sparkling Night) 800 10
Martin (Sparkling Night) 800 10
50 Jewel Yellow 60 None
50 Jewel Yellow 80 None
Platinum Grimoire Fairy 800 2
Gold Grimoire Fairy 400 2
Silver Grimoire Fairy 200 2
Fairy Queen 800 2
Fairy Princess (Sparkling Night) 1000 6
Fairy Princess (all colors) 600 2
Sun Fairy (all colors) 100 2
Moon Fairy (all colors) 100 2
Fairy Lady (all colors) 400 2
Prince Gacha Ticket 1000 1
Memory Gacha Ticket 1000 1
Memory Jewel 500 5
Love-Up Shard 600 2
Skill-Up Trainer 600 4
Stamina Fruit 400 2
20 Ring shards 200 2
Sun/Moon Drops (Large) 200 5
20,000 Gold 100 10
Master Trainer (all colors) 200 10

Upcoming EventsEdit

Date Event Type
2020/09/01 to 2020/09/10 Hell Festival That Leads to the End Point
2020/09/8 to 2020/09/17 Venetian Carnival and Sparkling Night Jewel Drop
2020/09/15 to 2020/09/24 Deceptive Utopia of Wondrous Splendor Coin
2020/09/24 to 2020/10/04 NA Jewel Drop

Upcoming CampaignsEdit

Date Campaign
2020/09/04 to 2020/09/10 Skill-Up Lessons
2020/09/11 to 2020/09/17 Fairy Quests and Prince Lessons

All Open

2020/09/18 to 2020/09/25 Main Story and Prince Drop Quests

1/2 Stamina

2020/09/25 to 2020/10/01 Fairy Quests and Prince Lessons

1/2 Stamina

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