How to Battle Edit

  • Connect/swipe same-color beads and make color chains to raise the attacks of the princes in your battle team, and fill up the skill and fever gauges.
  • The prince's icon will glow and pulse once their skill is ready for activation. Tap to activate the prince's skill.You can check the in-game 4-panel comic for a quick overview of utilizing a prince's skill effectively.
  • Depending on the strength of your team, each battle may last a few turns.
  • A 10 second timer will count down when the turn starts. The turn only begins once you have tapped the bead board.
  • You can target the mob before starting the battle. Tapping the target does not activate the timer.

For a live example, you can watch the following gameplay for an event stage

Battle Actions Edit

Action Screenshot Explanation
Mob Turns
Battlemech mobturn
A mob's turn to attack is indicated by the number on its side. When the number is 0, the mob will attack during the current turn. 
Targetting Mobs
Battlemech target
Target a specific mob by tapping on the selected mob once. A spinning purple/pink target icon will appear on the mob. You can target before starting the battle. Tapping a target does not activate the battle sequence.
Prince Turns
Battlemech princeturn

Princes attack the top mob first, if no target is selected.

If you select the furthest mob as the first target, princes will attack the top mob as the next.

If you select the bottom mob as the first target, princes will attack the top mob as the next.

Battle Tips Edit

Battlemech friends
Your selection of princes to begin a battle depends on the requirements of the event or the quest. Your set-up consists of five of your own princes, and a support prince from your friend list or any random player. You can form your princes in the battle formation panel. Click here to find out more about battle formation.

Supporting Princes Edit

Badge colours in the support list indicate the prince's skill level.

  • Gold - Level 10
  • Silver - Level 2 to 9
  • Beige - Level 1

Depending on the event, there will be event princes who will provide additional benefits for that particular event. Check Events for information on ongoing events and their event princes.

You will be able to enjoy the leader skill effect from any prince in the support list, whether from friends or from a random player.

For special events, the event effect will be in play for both friends and non-friends support princes.


  • Awakened princes are stronger than non-awakened princes.
  • Prince's Skill Level (i.e. whether your prince is at 1/10 or 10/10 of his skill activation) may affect the outcome of tougher battles significantly. You can check the in-game 4-panel comic for a quick overview of skill levels. 
  • The rarer the prince, the higher the prince's stats. Princes with higher rarity (more stars) will generally have higher statistics and more powerful skills.
  • Princes can obtain higher statistics through leveling up their affection level to maximum break.
  • The attack sequence starts with the leader prince on the left and ends with the last prince on the right.
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